Ultrasound CPT Codes

Ultrasound CPT Codes most common CPT codes to use for Ultrasound CPT Codes related medical billing procedures.

0346T CPT Code
Ultrasound elastography.

19105 CPT Code
Ablation, cryosurgical, of fibroadenoma, including ultrasound guidance, each fibroadenoma – Breast surgery, Excision of lesion or tissue of breast including radical, modified, or quadrant resection, lumpectomy, incisional biopsy, or mammoplasty.

43259 CPT Code
Endoscopic ultrasound exam.

44406 CPT Code
Colonoscopy w/ultrasound.

45341 CPT Code
Sigmoidoscopy w/ultrasound.

76641 CPT Code
Ultrasound breast complete.

76642 CPT Code
Ultrasound breast limited.

76700 CPT Code
Ultrasound exam abdom complete.

76705 CPT Code
Echo exam of abdomen.

76706 CPT Code

76770 CPT Code
Ultrasound exam abdo back wall comp.

76775 CPT Code
Ultrasound exam abdo back wall lim.

76776 CPT Code
Ultrasound exam k transpl w/doppler.

76800 CPT Code
Ultrasound exam spinal canal.

Ultrasound CPT Codes

How to use different ultrasound modes to guide procedures?

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